DIY e-sata enclosure

  Desperate-Dan 13:29 21 Nov 08

Hi, I want to make a e-sata enclosure, I have a spare sata hdd, I've got a e-sata port on the front of my computer, I've googled but can't seem to find a site that will show me how to make a DIY e-sata enclosure

  DieSse 13:52 21 Nov 08

Make - you mean bend metal, etc??

Or buy?

click here

Loads if you google - depends whether you want it for 3.5", 2.5", single drive, multiple drive, RAID or what-have-you.

  retep888 13:59 21 Nov 08

I think Desperate-Dan wants to know how to make a box himself which he can put the SATA disk in with power & SATA connection converted.

I hope I'm not wrong.:-)

  Desperate-Dan 17:57 21 Nov 08

DieSse your right, I'd like to make it myself, I have the box from a IDE enclosure,

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