Divx Encoding guide

  SteevScotland 02:06 03 Jan 03
  SteevScotland 02:06 03 Jan 03

Can any one recomend a site which will show me how to backup my DVDs into Divx? Or even just tell me how in the forum. I have tried google but all the guides have broken links or are too technical.

Also what software should i use?

Cheers S

  Lozzy 02:30 03 Jan 03

click here too make DVD quality DivX.doc as this is the simplest way to do it.. Download the manual

  crx16 03:02 03 Jan 03

try this one click here its DVD to VCD?

ps,lozzy your link is not working

  SteevScotland 12:53 03 Jan 03

I'll check the links out later today.

crx16 is right your link is not working.

Cheers S

  SteevScotland 14:38 05 Jan 03


  siouxah1 14:49 05 Jan 03

Also try here click here

  special sophie 14:57 05 Jan 03

click here you can't get any easier to use than this program it does everything for you all you have to do is click a few time and then wait for about 6 hours

  SteevScotland 14:58 05 Jan 03

Great link but the links to download the software i need dont work.

Cheers S

  SteevScotland 15:04 05 Jan 03

That is a great site. I am downloading it now. Will let you know how i get on.

Cheers S

  special sophie 15:20 05 Jan 03

no probs one thing i would say about it is that sometimes on my system the program seems as though it is doing nothing when it actually is so be careful not to close the program down half way through

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