Distorted sound!

  diesel9 13:49 26 Jan 08

Please help when i try to watch the BBC i player or any internet video ie u tube, i get sound distortion & crackling.I also get this problem when i play a cd with media player with the visualizations on but when i turn them off sound is perfect.Is this a driver issue if so what do i have to do.I am running win xp prof any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 13:56 26 Jan 08

I would initially try reinstalling the sound drivers and if that failed I would look for an updated driver.
If its onboard sound, as most of them are, then you go to the motherboard manufacturers website and check for a new driver and then download it.

  diesel9 15:13 26 Jan 08

hi thanks i uninstalled the sound drivers rebooted, then system found new hardware and reinstalled them but still same problem. how do i find out my motherboard info so i can get drivers from manufacturers website?

  eedcam 15:20 26 Jan 08

Hold fast I have just spent ages trying to burn some cd's all were corrupted crackling sound /Incorrect number of tracks and would not play on my cd player Uninstalled Iplayer and all is now ok. I'm nor a novice ay burning cd's it was definitely an Iplayer thing

  diesel9 15:34 26 Jan 08

thanks for your response,i have uninstalled the i player but the problem still exists. any ideas please?

  diesel9 17:16 26 Jan 08


  eedcam 18:13 26 Jan 08

Thats a shame It definitely cured my prob though mines was only affecting newly burned discs sound all else was ok
Download PC wizard that will tell you your motherboard and lots more its free
click here

  diesel9 19:53 26 Jan 08

Cheers eedcam downloaded that utility and found out motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-7ZM(P). Went to their website & downloaded the audio driver but when i try to unpack and install it it gets to 99% then i get this message "VIA AC97 audio chipset is not enabled on this system. Please enable it first on the BIOS then run this setup again" I have been into the bios and is set to auto. tried switching it on then off & running the setup again but makes no difference! Has anybody come across this or any ideas what to do next? please help?

  diesel9 09:39 27 Jan 08

please help anybody any ideas? thanks!

  cocteau48 10:01 27 Jan 08

Have you tried a different media player?
After adding a sub woofer system to my pc I started to get a high end crackle and break up in media player - I've still got it and cannot find a cure - despite a thread on this forum.
However I also have Media Monkey (my preferred substitute for windows media player)& Winamp & AIMP2 & Soundbase installed and I get perfect playback on all of them.

  Jim_F 10:20 27 Jan 08

It would be useful to know if the problems you described have only just started.


1) Bios corruption
Clear CMOS and load bios defaults - then set it up for your hardware.

2) PSU problems
Sometimes a low PSU can prevent the sound system initialising properly. Anything you can disconnect to test this ?

3) Lack of System Resources
Could be sound system is sharing an IRQ - disable as many devices as you can in bios (eg serial ports)

Could be software - too much running at once - virus checkers, 'helper' programs etc. Switch off as much as you can and allow your player to 'drop frames' in order to give audio precedence.

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