distorted sound

  musiclady 08:23 28 Mar 06

for some unknown reason my sound as become distorted and scratchy on my 3.5ghz desktop pc.I have installed the drivers again.It seems to play a song for a while then it goes distorted. I am using an asus A8V motherboard, any suggest

  johnnyrocker 13:01 28 Mar 06

what player is in use? will other players work ok?


  musiclady 13:10 28 Mar 06

it amkes no difference which porgram i use to play music its always distorted

  johnnyrocker 13:21 28 Mar 06

ok, so what sound caed do you have/use, what is your speaker set up?


  musiclady 15:39 28 Mar 06

ive got realtek onboard sound with cambridge soundworks set at 4channels speakers.It at times sounds as though the connections are not connected right.I have one connected in the bue and the other in the green port

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