distance from exchange

  Fred Heartsun 15 May 11

Why is that a problem? why is there a difference in the speed between my isp and my exchange, and my exchange and my home?

  mole44 15 May 11

I expect the Signal to the exchange will be optic fibre,to your home most likely it will be copper,and as we know copper being metal brings with it resistance i.e. the longer the cable the more resistance hence poorer signal.i assume your with B.T. not Virgin,but there the same just that the cabinets are closer to your probpert. Saying the in Luton B.T. have done the same as virgin and installed local boxes in the streets,hence your "nearer" the optical fibre node.

  octal 15 May 11

It's a problem because they are trying to squeeze a high frequency signal down a pair of wires that were never designed to do the job, not only is there resistance like mole44 says but other losses that reduce the signal, like inter-capacitance and inductance of the cable that attenuate the signal over distance and distortion caused to the data stream, not unlike the early cables across the Atlantic where they had to install repeaters every few Kilometres to overcome that problem.

  zzzz999 15 May 11

I suffer the same Fred, its nearly the equivalent of dial up some times

  carver 15 May 11

[link text][1]

[1]: http://www.kitz.co.uk/adsl/linestats.htm if you go and have a look here that will explain a lot

and on the same site is a calculator to give an idea what speeds you should get.

  carver 15 May 11

link textlink text

Tried again to get the links correct

  interzone55 15 May 11

The problem as down to attenuation.

The longer the length of the copper, the lower the voltage at the end of the wire, this reduces the quality of the signal dramatically, especially if the copper is very old, which is the case in many rural areas.

Check the distance from your exchange here if it's less than two miles you need to speak to your ISP to get them to check the line.

  zzzz999 15 May 11

I've had the guy out, we've done everything we can, I am miles from the exchange and I think the cables were laid by Alexander Graham Bell himself :-(

  interzone55 15 May 11


Have you checked if any ISP has their own equipment in your exchange, listed under LLU.

BT could offer me 2mbit/s, but I'm getting more than 10mbit/s with Talk Talk

  Forum Editor 15 May 11

This is really a Helproom topic

Transferring from Speakers Corner now.

  robin_x 15 May 11

I am in a town, 2 miles from exchange and get 4.5Mbs with AOL (LLU).

As far as I know from various calculators etc that's my lot until area upgraded. Fine for me though.

iPlayer etc work and I am not a big downloader.


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