Disposing of an old P2 400Mhz PC

  mdshamilton 14:23 08 Apr 04

I have a Gateway Pentium 2 400Mhs PC with a keyboard, mouse and an Epson Colour 600 (the monitor died 2 weeks ago). I looked at the PCs for Charity website, but they appear to be looking for coporate PCs in volume rather than the odd single PC.

Any recommendations as to whom I can give my PC away to (it seems a shame to take it to the tip)? I live near Twickenham. As an aside, the primary school my son goes to recently had the same problems getting rid of 5 similarly spec'd PCs and monitors.

  mdshamilton 14:24 08 Apr 04

Sorry, one further question - can anyone recommend a free disk reformatter/scrubber so I can ensure the HD is clean of my personal data?

  AndySD 14:41 08 Apr 04

My favorite free disk reformatter/scrubber is the old but reliable Wipe and Zap from IBM but I cant seem to find it online. I will leave a copy of it click here for a while.

  Stuartli 16:00 08 Apr 04

Depending on where you live, this directory should help:

click here

  Stuartli 16:03 08 Apr 04

Local councils now have far more responsibility for waste disposal and recycling than previously - might be worth giving them a call.

  Indigo 1 17:11 08 Apr 04

Alternatively, take it to your local church. They will know of a third world charity who can almost certainly make use of it, working or not.

  Widows Son 17:15 08 Apr 04

stick it on ebay - someone will give you a few pounds for it - it'd be ideal for someone who wanted a second machine to use for Linux etc

Well, this may be a little cheeky. I gave my ancient PC to my mum who is still learning the intricacies of using a mouse, its a P1 150 with an entire 96Mb of RAM....i know its a beast. If you want a good home for it, she would appreciate something a little quicker. And i live not a million miles from Twickenham. Just a thought.

  Tinkey Winkey 22:04 08 Apr 04

I'd love to have an old 400mhz PC for my daughter to play with !!

  Legolas 22:13 08 Apr 04

To scrub your drive try this click here I have used it and it is good and very secure.

  mdshamilton 12:56 13 Apr 04

Thanks for all your help. I'll be taking or sending (for £8) the PC and other bits to click here after wiping the HD myself.

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