Displaying text correctly in Opera and Firefox.

  Daibus 07:16 09 Aug 06

I have recently bought a new HP 14.1 laptop which seems very good but I notice that quite frequently, if I'm using Opera or Firefox, certain text in web pages s is not being displayed correctly, either overlaping or hideing behind advertising slogans for example.

I`ve altered the percentage size of the page and fit to width settings but that doesn`t normally make a big difference. I`ts not a big problem but was wondering if this happens because the computer only has a 14.1 wide screen?

  Daibus 19:10 09 Aug 06


  DieSse 19:14 09 Aug 06

Go to View - Text Size and make the text smaller. (for FF - don't know Opera).

  Stuartli 19:15 09 Aug 06

Fonts in FF can also be set from Tools>Options>Content tab>Fonts and Colours.

  FelixTCat 19:17 09 Aug 06


The reason is that those sites were written to suit Internet Explorer, which doesn't follow the HTM standards. Opera and Firefox both adhere to those standards better, so sometimes sites appear strange.



  Daibus 14:53 19 Aug 06

Thank you for all your help but HTML text displayed, in Opera especially, is not good and sometimes is unreadable.

Even if I reduce the text size it is still not very good and it´s very annoying at times.

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