Displaying laptop desktop to my television.

  fastfox 07:24 05 Jan 06

Iwant to display my desktop from my laptop to my television. using a S cable. so can anybody tell me what do i need to change in my display properties to achieve this. i am currently using X/P Professional. thanks for your help.

  €dstowe 08:22 05 Jan 06

You will be wasting your time trying this. The definition of a TV screen is not near good enough to display a computer output successfully.

As a test, took closely at your TV set and see just how coarse the picture is compared with what you get on your computer screen.

  fastfox 21:48 05 Jan 06

Just out of interest, with the comments taken on board, how do you out of interest display a a computers screen to a television monitor.

  €dstowe 22:20 05 Jan 06

I don't think many people do - therefore the facility for doing so is not common.

I really don't have a clue how to do it unless your TV set has a digital input.

  woodchip 22:28 05 Jan 06

You nhave to go to Display Settings in Control Panel and set up for dual Screen in the Adapter settings. one is for TV. If you connect to the TV with a S/Video cable it will see TV while you are setting it up. look for the two screens on same page in Display settings. As above you can see all the Laptop Screen but you will have a job reading text. It's only good for games and playing DVD's etc

  preston 23:06 05 Jan 06

how old is your TV. many new tv,s come with a monitor connection,like your monitor connection on your pc or laptop. just connect it up to the tv and go through the menus to set it up. my laptop works with my tv ok.

  Strawballs 01:00 06 Jan 06

Have you got a lead with the computer that comes with RCA leads (mine has) which plug into the TV then select the right AV input on the TV for those plugs and it will work, the S video should do the same as long as you have the connection on both. But as others have said the quality is very poor I had to do this when my screen died 32 days after reciept of my machine and there was some things that I needed to save to disc before it was taken away for repair but I really struggled to make out text because it was so fuzzy.

  fastfox 22:06 06 Jan 06

The television i have purschasaed ia a sharp aquos hdmi

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