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  Heefie 17:31 24 Dec 04

I'm writing an EXCEL VBA module and am trying to use a USERFORM to display Error Messages.

The USERFORM is called FormErrorMessage and it contains a single TEXTBOX, called TxtErrorMessage, and an OK key.

If I put a value, 'XXX' for example into the VALUE field while in Design Mode, the 'XXX' value displays in the TEXTBOX as I'd expect.

So, in my module, if I code :

If MySession > "" Then
TxtErrorMessage = "You have an error"
End If


If MySession > "" Then
TxtErrorMessage.Value = "You have an error"
End If

Why do I get nothing in the TEXTBOX ?!?!

Do I have to refresh the USERFORM data or something ... this is so frustrating !!!!!!

  VoG II 18:03 24 Dec 04

A TextBox is meant to get information from the user into the program, not the other way round.

You would be better off adding a Label (The A button). you can then change the label programatically e.g.

UserFirm1.Label1.Caption = "Heelp - Error"

However I prefer using MsgBoxes to display error messages:


If Not Liquid And Not Life Then

Response = MsgBox(Title:="Product is Solid with >1 year life", prompt:="Perform ERA?", Buttons:=vbQuestion + vbYesNo + vbDefaultButton2)

If Response = vbNo Then Exit Sub

End If


MsgBox prompt:="Missing product name: Abort", Title:="Output sheet validation", Buttons:=vbCritical


If Not CASOK Then


MsgBox prompt:="Invalid CAS Number: " & CASNo, Title:="CAS Number validation", Buttons:=vbExclamation

End If

  Heefie 18:09 24 Dec 04

Another thing I've learned today !!!

I did think this seemed a long winded way of outputting an error message, thanks for that VoG™ ...

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