Display problems on laptop - URGENT help needed

  taff 12:55 11 Feb 03


I have a IBM thinkpad 600 (2645) and I've been using it for months with no problems. This morning it is really dark. I can barely make out what I am typing. I have tried adjusting the brightness on the control beneath the LCD screen but no luck. If I put it into sleep mode and wake it back up the picture flickers in full brightness before falling back into this dark mode. I did leave the system on last night until the battery was dead but I do that quite regulaly. I have also had some updates from the microsoft web-site but I feel this could be more a hardware problem.

Someone please help.

  Forum Editor 13:45 11 Feb 03

as though the display lamps have failed, or are failing, but it may be something else. Is the transformer giving the battery a good charge? Transformers can fail, like anything else.

In my experience whe this kind of thing happens with laptops it's best to take the machine to a specialist repairer - and stand by for a stiff bill.

  Lozzy 14:07 11 Feb 03

Was it okay before you downloaded the patches and updated drivers? If it was restore back to an earlier date and see if it rectifies the issue. If not then follow FE's advice

  nick_j007 14:12 11 Feb 03

Or possibly go into BIOS and have a look at the brightness/contrast settings there? At least you can do that on my Dell laptop.
Good luck, Nick Jones

  Tenner 16:17 11 Feb 03

Had a similar problem with my Thinkpad, - but no screen at all

Fortunately, it was still under warranty and I took it to their near-by service depot. I was told that it would either be the screen that would need replacing, or simply a case of connectors being 're-krimped'.

It still took 10 days to fix. Since then they have 'restructured' their service centres.

Sorry for the doom and gloom.

Hope you get a satisfactory, and not too expensive solution.


  taff 17:37 11 Feb 03

Any idea of a rough price I'm looking at for repair?

  jazzypop 17:38 11 Feb 03

Type 'laptop repair uk' into Google, phone round.

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