Display Problems

  nd33cfc 11:35 27 May 07

When i am playing a game on my PC, the screen occasionally goes black and i get a massage saying "No Signal".
The game however, is still playing in the background as i can still hear the sound.
I am then forced to reset my computer to reboot and get it working again.

I have viewed the event log which shows the following :-
Source = Userenv
Event = 1517
User = System

I have checked on google and this warning report seems to be caused by a program still using the registry when the PC is shut down. So, this warning is probably not the problem and i only see this because i am forced to reboot after my screen goes blank.

For Info i am running Windows XP Pro (Service Pack 2)
Radeon 9600 Graphics Card. (latest drivers installed)

Any info would be much appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:57 27 May 07

No signal messages are due to the graphics card not sendig a signal to the monitor.

Check cable connections.
Card is fully inserted in its slot (remove and refit)
Power to card (could be your PSU is starting to fail)

  Gongoozler 16:17 27 May 07

Does this problem occur with all games or one particular game?

  nd33cfc 19:52 27 May 07

I have checked the connection to my monitor and all seems well.
Have also checked that the graphics card is properly seated in its AGP slot.

I play 2 games and it happens with both of them, the problem never happens when i am browsing the net. So i am assuming that it is happening because the graphics card is working hard due to the game.
I have a relatively new 450W PSU , so i dont think this is the problem.
I am starting to think that my graphics card is fualty and not operating correctly while under load.
Is this possible ?

Thanx in advance.

  woodchip 19:54 27 May 07

Reduce the Demands on the Graphics Card, In Display Adapter Settings

  Gongoozler 08:30 28 May 07

I think that it's unlikely that the graphics card is faulty, although it may be overheating. It's not uncommon for certain graphics card drivers to clash with certain games. The website for the games often has information on this.

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