display problem

  lauren2006 21:49 05 Nov 06

jus put xp on a computer which hasnt been running for a while. jus decided to rescue it and get it goin. got xp goin but graphics are crap its like 4bit at the moment obviously thats not what its meant to b how do we get it up 2 64bit or sumthing its supposed to be on

  woodchip 21:56 05 Nov 06

You have to load Drivers for the Graphics card, Or for onboard Graphics from the Motherboard CD

  lauren2006 21:58 05 Nov 06

we do not have ne cds its an old computer and we didnt make this pc

  lauren2006 22:00 05 Nov 06

how do we find out what make the mother board is

  woodchip 22:07 05 Nov 06

You first need to know if it as a Graphics card installed or if it's onboard. That's before you can go any further. take the left side of the system box, look for two screws at back edge, trace monitor wire to see if it goes to a card or to a socket on the motherboard

  lauren2006 22:13 05 Nov 06

its onboard. its on the motherboard. we dnt have ne drivers for it we havent got the cds

  woodchip 22:23 05 Nov 06

Then you have to find out what motherboard is fitted so you can downloaddrivers for the motherboard. Download and run this then come back with info for Motherboard and Graphics click here

  lauren2006 22:51 05 Nov 06

hi this is the information u need for the drivers
does anyone now know where we can find the drivers

system model
machines, inc imperial revision 0.90 enclosure type:other

main circuit board
board: trigem computer inc imperial 1.03
bios: phoenix 6.00 08/26/2002

  woodchip 23:02 05 Nov 06

Download by clicking on Visit Web Site

click here

To find drivers run the program

  woodchip 23:06 05 Nov 06

on the above link there are Graphics drivers if you want to download and try them

  lauren2006 23:11 05 Nov 06

ok thank u

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