mrchips 18:21 18 Feb 03

After downloading new drivers for my Radeon graphics card I find I have black lines down the right and left of the monitor, and also the display is now flickering! Any advice please??

  jag245 18:25 18 Feb 03

try changing your display settings,monitor settings and refresh rate.if not return to previous settings or check the manual------hope it helps

  Rayuk 18:27 18 Feb 03

It seems your monitor refresh rate may have changed,if you reset it to what it was before you may find black lines will disappear also.
If you right click on your desktop,then properties/settings/advanced/monitor[where you can then change your refresh rate]

  Djohn 18:31 18 Feb 03

It appears that your resolution and refresh rates have changed. Go into control panel and select display/settings/advanced/adaptor, and set to optimal, click your way back out to display and set the sliding bar to the resolution you want and re-boot.

Now use the controls on the front of your monitor to adjust the width of display and any other settings while you are there.

  Djohn 18:32 18 Feb 03

Rayuk, sorry crossed post. :o(

  Rayuk 18:40 18 Feb 03

jag245 beat me to it while I was 2 finger typing.

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