Diskeeper Lite for XP

  David4637 21:11 04 Jun 05

I am using the latest free version, but it keeps coming up with a message that my HD is fragmented, even though I ran it a few days earlier. How can I turn it off, until I want to run it? I have looked in msconfig/Startup but its not in there - where is it being started from? Thanks David

  VoG II 21:13 04 Jun 05

Click on Set it and Forget it in Diskeeper.

  Dipso 21:45 04 Jun 05

I think Set and Forget is only available in the paid for versions.

Is there any options to disable the pop up message in the View menu?

I agree it can be quite irritating. (So much that I haven't installed it since my recent factory restore and have stuck with Windows Defragger).

  VoG II 21:52 04 Jun 05

You are probably right.

In fact there is probably little point in using Diskeeper Lite with XP as I believe that Windows XP defragger is essentially based on the same program.

Personally I have the paid for version of Diskeeper as I think that it is excellent. However, I have turned off Set it and Forget it as I think that it is both unnecessary and an annoyance.

  David4637 15:19 05 Jun 05

Thanks for your replies I will look if there is a facility to switch it off, any further offers? Thanks David

  David4637 22:25 06 Jun 05

Can't see any option to turn it off. Any last ideas? Thanks David

  phono 23:00 06 Jun 05

To turn off Set it and Forget it click 'Set It And Forget It' highlight the drive(s) required and then click on Clear a schedule, hopefully that should do the trick for you.

  ACOLYTE 00:53 07 Jun 05

I have Diskeeper paid for version,and in my opinion the set it and forget it option is one of the best features of the program,as well as the ability to be able to defrag more than 1 hard drive at a time,i have the set and forget on both my drives and i never get pop ups and its always defraged and disk access is quicker than ever.Well worth the money.

  phono 01:14 07 Jun 05

I agree completely ACOLYTE, a first class piece of software as far as I am concerned.

  Dae 22:47 07 Jun 05

Diskeeper new v.9 now available.

  David4637 21:23 08 Jun 05

1. Dae - is verion 9 free if so where from, and what does it do?

2. Thanks to you all for replies will investigate and come back here. Thanks David

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