Diskeeper Lite ( Help )

  Green 1 00:38 07 Jul 03

When the defrag is complete should all the blue be together all the green and all the yellow, after I have done mine they are still a bit patchy, I am running W98,P3 450Mhz 256ram. Many thanks for any replies I may get.

  wawadave 03:19 07 Jul 03

if you have not defraged in a quite while this could happen.i,ve not used diskkeeper in a while.
i use norton speed disk and it some times a a few left over bits.but my system works fine so i dont worrie about it.
dose your scan say done?

  Mango Grummit 09:45 07 Jul 03

No, that's OK. Diskeeper does not waste it's time (or ours) by shuffling empty space about. It concentrates only on defragging files so sometimes you will have white space separating the colours you speak of. This effect is even more pronounced if there are large items on your drive eg, drive images.

So long as it says done all will be honkey dory.

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