Diskeeper - Anybody use it?

  trisha01 07:28 06 Mar 07

I've now got Diskeeper and am unsure of how to set the options to get the best out of my pc. I have a 160 gig hard drive partitioned into c: & d: 77% and 95% free space respectively and a 300gig portable drive used for storage of music and photos etc. Any advice most welcomed.

  anskyber 09:45 06 Mar 07

Which version do you have? If it's 2007 then set the defrag to automatic (enabled) for your drives. That's it, DK will just tick away in the background all of the time un noticed.

  anskyber 09:46 06 Mar 07

I should have added there is no particular need to set it for the external drive although you can if you wish.

  trisha01 17:37 06 Mar 07

I have Diskeeper 10.0.608.0 I was a bit in awe of the different options available.

I've set up smart scheduling for C: and D: drives and will manually defrag the portable drive - but was just wondering how often Boot time defragmentation should be done.

It seems that every time I turn my pc, to keep it in good condition, more and more time is taken up with AV and Antispyware thorough scanning and now Diskeeper, it's gonna get to the stage where I'm only going to be able to spend 5 mins on it!

  anskyber 17:44 06 Mar 07

Boot time is really about defragging the system files which cannot be defragged when the PC is running with windows.

I usually do mine about once every three months and there is very little fragmentation.

It can take about 30mins to an hour so be patient. It's also done with a blue screen showing so don't panic!

  anskyber 17:47 06 Mar 07

When you do run Boot time ask it to do "check disk" at the same time it kills two birds with one stone.

  trisha01 07:20 07 Mar 07

Thanks Anskyber - have done that now, luckily didn't take that long.

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