disk utility locked so can't use scandisk

  notrom 21:21 30 Sep 05

Tried to use scandisk but got following message:

Scandisk cannot continue becuase a programme such as a disk utility has locked the drive. Close the programme or wait for it to finish. Then restart Scandisk.

Have waited but nothing happens, keep getting smae message. Have tried in safe mode with same results. Same thing happens on defrag. Can anyone help, please?

  VoG II 21:28 30 Sep 05

Which version of Windows?

  woodchip 21:30 30 Sep 05

run in safe mode

  woodchip 21:31 30 Sep 05

will learn to read all message one day sorry

  notrom 21:33 30 Sep 05

Soory, should have siad, Windows ME

  GaT7 21:40 30 Sep 05

Do you also use Norton Speed Disk?

Then see click here
& click here. G

  VoG II 21:40 30 Sep 05

Norton? click here

  notrom 21:43 30 Sep 05

No, don't use Norton

  VoG II 22:02 30 Sep 05

Can you think of any other 'utility' programs that might be causing this?

  GaT7 22:03 30 Sep 05

As a temporary solution, try running a thorough Scandisk in DOS, & the free Diskeeper Lite click here to defragment. Do the former first. G

  notrom 22:12 30 Sep 05


Not quite sure of definition of utility program - are they simply programs to improve performance of PC? If so, I don't think I have any others apart from Diskeeper Lite.

Isn't DOS only done through startup floppy disk? If so, A drive does not work!!!!!!

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