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Disk Space Discrepancy

  ennyoueffsea 20:02 04 Dec 03

I've found over the past few days, that I’m getting messages telling me i'm out of hard disk space yet when I view the properties of the C Drive, the pie chart tells me I have 650MB free. The thing that’s puzzling me is that I haven't done anything different, nothing added etc. In the past when I’ve run short of space, the pie chart reduces accordingly. Now though, there seems to be this 650MB discrepancy that was never there previously.

I've run Norton, Ad-Aware and Spybot, but nothing showing up. Just don't know where to start. The Disk is small at only 5.96GB to start with, so I could do with not "losing" this space. Should I run Hijack This or something similar?

Any help would of course be much appreciated.


  powerless 20:06 04 Dec 03

Run scandisk and it will correct free space errors.

  MidgetMan 20:09 04 Dec 03

swap file?, temp files? off line web pages? restore file? before running any programmes try doinfg a disk cleanup in accessories/system tools. check the restore file size ( this can take up alot of room) to clear this switch of restore and reboot, but you WILL lose your restrore oints, have you d/loaded something big and forgotten about it (i do it alot) try reducing the size of the swap file that virtual memeory uses. But at the end of the day a 5.96 gig h/d is very small, you can buy 40gig drives for less then £40 nowadays so worth doing.

  MidgetMan 20:09 04 Dec 03

or you can do as Powerless suggests!!

your hard drive needs a fair amount of free space in order to function properly so even with 650 mb free it will probably give you a warning.

the pie chart is probably counting the number of bytes that each file actually is without counting the file slack left over in each each allocation unit at the end of a file.

i would suggest (firstly the same as everyone else, disk cleanup defrag etc,) then put as many files as you dont need every day into compressed folders using winzip or the native utility in ME,XP by doing so all those files will be stored as one file thus you will eliminate a lot of file slack.

You say you have not added anything but have you updated AV & spyware cos if you have they soon mount up in disk space

  ennyoueffsea 00:00 06 Dec 03


Thanks to all for the speedy replies. Since posting I’ve done Disk Cleanup, Scandisk and Defrag. The Defrag took a whole lot longer that usual to complete but does appear to brought the pie-chart info back into line.

I did have a look at the System Restore file size and it was at 530MB so I set it down to 250MB for now. There is also a problem on System Restore on here, but had intended to tackle one thing at a time. Hadn’t even considered they may be related. It won’t set Restore Points and therefore will not restore the system.

Suppose I’m used to such a small HDD so generally don’t have a problem, as it’s not used for anything strenuous such as video editing or anything like that. Generally just surfing. Do intend though to give it a good spring clean, ‘tis long overdue. Lol.

Again, many thanks for all your suggestions. Will see how it behaves over the next day or two.



  powerless 00:02 06 Dec 03

...and thnaks for telling us :-)

  User-312386 01:58 06 Dec 03

disable system restore as like you say you cant restore anyways

  ennyoueffsea 03:40 06 Dec 03

Will do Madboy, Thanks again.



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