disk cleanup

  jimmer409? 19:02 21 Jun 03

when i open disk cleanup all the usual things are there, temp internet files, recycle bin, etc. also in there is webclient/publisher temporary files, (size) 32k, i check all the boxes i want to clear including this one, the computer cycles (including this), but the next time i open disk cleanup the 32kb is still there,
any ideas out there??

  livewire 19:05 21 Jun 03

yes i get the same result 32k exacly

  rawprawn 20:34 21 Jun 03

You two are lucky I get left with 64KB, is it something to do with the RAM size ?

  VoG® 20:39 21 Jun 03

I get 32 KB and I have 512 MB RAM.

  SB23 20:41 21 Jun 03

I also have 32kb,that does not change,no sorry,it's 72kb now.What's going on?Does anyone know where this is coming from?,and more importantly,how do you get rid of it?...SB

  powerless 20:42 21 Jun 03

32KB is nothing.

  Valvegrid 20:43 21 Jun 03

It is probably a file called Index.dat located in the Temporary internet folder. It can't be deleted in the normal way, but contains all the information on sites visited and the size can be anything from 64k upwards.

I have a program called Spider, but the link to the site doesn't seem to work anymore. click here

  Valvegrid 20:49 21 Jun 03

You can see some information in there if you copy the file to somwhere else and change the extension from .dat to .txt, you can then see some of the info inside it.

Spider by the way would let you delete all the info in the file to put it back to 32k.


  jimmer409? 20:57 21 Jun 03

doesn't make sense to me, disk cleanup is susposed to clear out all the clutter, 32k is no big deal, but it iratates me that i can't get rid of it. surely someone out there must have the solution. replys appreciated.

  Valvegrid 21:04 21 Jun 03

You could try this free program. I haven't tried it myself because I use spider.

click here

  obbit 21:26 21 Jun 03

disk cleanup doesn't clean. when you do a defrag all the stuff you delete shows up as a box with a small red square in the top right corner.

the only program i've found to remove rubbish completely is cyberscrub. click here
use the free version that runs out after 30 days. it is very good. it will reclaim space on your hhd

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