disk check serious error

  ΜΔRΙU$ 11:04 21 May 03

i have just done a diskcheck on my win xp pro hard disk and when it was half way through i got a blue screen saying it had had a serious error and was shutting down to prevent damage to my pc- i restarted and it was fine

can anyone tell me why this happened

  graham√ 11:07 21 May 03

Could it be you have been pestering it lately and it's took the hump? :-)

  Philip2 11:24 21 May 03

Have a look in the avent log this will show the problem have you put any new software into your computer worth doing a scandisk close all running software on the tool bar go to my computer right click on the hard drive click tools click on scandisk.

  graham√ 11:28 21 May 03

Sorry, couldn't resist! Do you mean a 'Disk Cleanup'? Always best to do that in Safe Mode.

  ΜΔRΙU$ 11:38 21 May 03

sorry no i meant scan disk i should have been more clearer i did the scan disk

  graham√ 11:41 21 May 03

Scan Disk in Safe Mode, also.

  ΜΔRΙU$ 11:46 21 May 03

so is it worth doing it as it seems fine now but should i do it in safe

  graham√ 11:57 21 May 03

It's called 'Disk Cleanup' in XP Home, is this the same thing in Pro? Yes, it's worth doing occasionally, especially if you have a lot of files your'e not using.

Now, Defragment is another program which will sort your files on the hard disk and make them easier for the system to find. These are all best done in Safe Mode to prevent other programs trying to access the hard drive, which sounds like what has happened.

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