Disk boot failure

  K*B 14:44 12 Nov 07

Hello friends. My Win XP pc failed to boot up today, for the first time. It's only about 2 years old. When powered up today, lots of text appeared on screen, then at the very bottom of all this text was the following: "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER". Nothing else happened. How can I fix this problem so that my pc starts up as before? Thanks.

  Diemmess 15:21 12 Nov 07

In brief order:

1) Reboot and notice if drive light comes on.

2) Look at and replug data and power cables to HD

3) Go into BIOS and see if HD is recognised.(Keep prodding Delete or F2 after switch-on).

Try these three then come back if the problem isn't solved

  anthonystorey 15:54 12 Nov 07

just had the same problem turned out to be a lose power lead to hd

also check your power lead to pc is inserted correctly and not lose fitting(happend to a friend of mine)
could also be a failing hard drive so i strongly reccomend everything you want on th pc is backed up

  xania 15:56 12 Nov 07

Also check data connections to both HHD and mobo.

  DieSse 18:28 12 Nov 07

Also check you've not left a floppy disk in the drive - this is a common cause - the system could be set to boot first from a floppy, the diskette is not a system diskette - and hence the message.

  K*B 10:52 13 Nov 07

Thanks friends. Just loose connections. Resolved.

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