Disconnect/Stay Connected Box

  Pucky 11:14 28 Dec 03

I used to have a box that appeared on the desktop that asked if I wanted to disconnect or stay connected to the internet. It has gone. Any ideas how to get it back?

  nickhick 11:18 28 Dec 03

Go to Control panel and then Internet Connections and then right-click on your ISP and select 'properties'. You'll see a check box against 'show icon in notification area'. This should be ticked.

  petersmyth1 11:30 28 Dec 03

Pucky I don't know what o/s you're using but if you double click on the 2 wee TVs in your systems tray when you're online that box comes onscreen. .....Peter

  Stuartli 11:36 28 Dec 03

Tools>Internet Options brings up the same box.

The Stay Connected/Disconnect box usually appears if you close all Internet windows down such as IE and OE without first disconnecting.

  Ben.s 11:50 28 Dec 03

hi everyone ineed help!
i had just finished building my computer
when it was really late,but i decided i would just try it out....and walla! it worked went straight into the BIOS settings but it was late so i would go to sleep an in the morning i would set it up but it doesnt work now an i dnt know why please help
thanx alot.....ben

  Stuartli 12:07 28 Dec 03

Try starting a proper thread in the HelpRoom rather than hi-jacking an entirely unrelated thread.....:-)

  Gongoozler 12:21 28 Dec 03

Hi Pucky. Tools - Internet Options - Connections - Settings - Advanced, then put a tick in the box for "Disconnect when the connection may no longer be needed". However this isn't totally reliable because Microsoft appear to have a different idea of "when the connection may no longer be needed" from the rest of the world.

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