Disconnectingfrom the net

  six-h 13:52 03 May 07

I notice that on my ISP home page, they recommend switching off your router's power if you are not using the net for a few Hours, -weekend away, holidays Etc.
Is this a good move?
I must say, I do sometimes wonder what I am exposing my PC to unecessarily when it is on and I am not using the net.

  Stuartli 14:01 03 May 07

I just put my system into Hibernate - it Saves all the settings etc before closing down and resumes at the point where you left off.

  Technotiger 14:08 03 May 07

Hi, I switch off my pc every night, including my Router.

  Stuartli 15:05 03 May 07

I do switch my system off overnight but the modem router is always connected.

  Technotiger 15:12 03 May 07

I disconnect my modem/router overnight.

  wee eddie 16:27 03 May 07

PC, Router, the lot.

Latt thing at night I switch off the Anti Surge Bars on my various electronic pieces.

  six-h 18:19 03 May 07

Ok Guys, I'll remember that, I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought I was doing the right thing by disconnecting my internal LAN card(from the right click menu) but somehow the DSL signal dropped and it has taken me from 2-4 Hrs to re-establish a connection!!
Maybe this won't happen if I switch off at the router?

  p;3 18:21 03 May 07

put it this way; I am bt bb; when comp is off ALL is disconnected

  six-h 18:38 03 May 07

Enough said!!...;-) p;3, I think I'm convinced!

  Technotiger 18:42 03 May 07

Like p;3, I am also on BT BB.

  Technotiger 18:46 03 May 07

ps to my last response - although I am on bt bb, I still used to leave my router on, but have now got into the habit of disconnecting the router too after switching off pc.

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