disconnected on user switch

  Bluescreen 07:18 16 May 03

Hi. This should be a quick one!

How can I stop my modem from disconnecting every time I switch users with XP?Ive tried everything to no avail.

Please help.


  Bluescreen 07:37 16 May 03

Come on everyone! this should be simple for all you xp lovers

  Tog 11:45 16 May 03

bump, back to the top...

  Bluescreen 00:16 17 May 03

Is this an answer?

  beeuuem 01:40 17 May 03

There is answer to this but the only info
I can find is click here

  Bluescreen 09:58 17 May 03

Am I the only one having this problem? or is it that I'm being picky and should just live with it.Or maybe knowone knows the answer!!

  jazzypop 11:19 17 May 03

As far as I am aware, you can't.

When you switch users, you 'suspend' the programs that User 1 has open, and then log in and open programs as requested by User 2.

If you did not drop the line when switching, it would not be possible for User 2 to dial up a different ISP, or even the same one, and log in with their specific account details.

Consequently, User2 would not be able to identify themselves as a different user to the ISP's email server and collect email from their own account.

This could have significant security implications if the PC was used in a work setting, and possibly even in a domestic situation.

Therefore, WinXP drops a dialup connection when you switch users, and you have to redial if User2 wants web / email access.

There is also the issue that User2 may not have been given permission, when their account was setup, to access the web (think pay-as-you-go phone bills, or keeping children safe from unsupervised browsing, etc).

You may not agree that it suits your needs, but as far as I am aware, that is the design decision that MS took. I am not aware of a reliable way round this - sorry.

  jazzypop 11:23 17 May 03

LOL - live and learn!

Here's how MS tell you to workaround their restrictions - simple really :)

click here

  Bluescreen 20:43 17 May 03

Thanks for your help.
Nannied my Bill!!

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