Disconnect and receive incoming calls?

  rickwoo 22:53 18 Mar 03

How do I change the settings, so that the computer disconnects when an incoming call is in progress, and I can answer the call.

  Mike2002 23:13 18 Mar 03

Are you using a Dial-Up Connection? So am I, and I think the only way it can be done is to buy a box of tricks costing about £50. When I saw the price I didn't bother taking any details! Even so, you've still got to have 'Call Waiting' in operation in order for it to work.

  graham 23:19 18 Mar 03

V92 modem? This will alert you to a call waiting or 1571 call, but if your ISP does not support the V92 features your incoming call will be lost and the internet connection will drop.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:33 19 Mar 03

Easy way...divert your home phone to your mobile and you can see who is ringing and then decide to answer. The divert tkes place at the exchange and will not affect your internet use. If you have call divert dial *21* your moby number #, the caller will not know they are being diverted and to cancel dial #21#


  graham 09:44 19 Mar 03

The caller will receive a message 'Your call is being transferred...'

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