Disc partitions Windows7 32bit

Can anyone help? My c.drive is filling up fast. I would like to move some folders ie My documents,pictures and music away from c; and onto the d; partition. Any helpfull advice would be welcomed.

  BurrWalnut 10 Dec 11

Move the Documents folder to a different location by navigating to the folder, then right-click it > Properties > Location Tab > Move, select a Destination and follow the prompts. The location can be restored by choosing Restore Default.

  BRYNIT 10 Dec 11

If you are keeping all of your Documents, pictures and music on your computer I would suggest making a copy onto an external drive. If your computer fails you will have lost everything.

Hi Burr,

Thanks for your advice. I have selected location in properties, but cannot see move. Only remove is showing. What am I doing wrong?


Hi Brynit,

I have a copy on a WD hardisc. Thanks for your concern.


  Jollyjohn 10 Dec 11


Go Start Computer C drive USERS Your UserName Expand this and it will list contacts, downloads etc. Now Right Click on My Documents PROPETIES and look for the tab LOCATION Select MOVE and then select D drive and Apply.

  sharpamat 11 Dec 11

Try the easy way open your C drive select the file/ files you want to move right click and select cut, open D right click and select paste,

  Jollyjohn 11 Dec 11

That's one way to do it but if you follow my steps then W7 will update the shortcuts listed under start etc and any desktop icons.

Hi JollyJohn,

I have now been able to move pictures and music but when I try to move my documents I get the error message PerformRedirection the filename or extension is too long. Any idea's anybody Many thanks for your help so far. I seem to be making progress.

  Jollyjohn 11 Dec 11

Having googled the problem the suggestion is that one or more of the filenames of something in My Documents is too long. Have a look through and maybe rename anything with a long filename. The limit, including the path, is 254 characters. So c:\username\my documents\ - has already used up 25 characters!

Thanks for that JollyJohn, I am starting to search my docs but it looks as though it will take some time. Thanks everybody for your help,



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