Disc icons in 'My Computer'

  slowhand_1000 17:38 07 May 03

The problem is only cosmetic, but it's beginning to annoy me.
I am using W98SE and have recently partitioned the hd. One of the previous drive letters was assigned to a Zip drive. After partitioning, the drive letter used by the Zip drive has now been used by Partition Magic, with the Zip drive now a later letter.
But the icon for the new partition is still showing as 'Zip icon'. As I mentioned it's only cosmetic but when I use the Zip drive through 'My Computer' or 'Explore' I find that I automatically click the old icon.
I have changed the icons for the desktop but cannot see how to change the icons in 'My Computer'. Maybe I can't see the wood for the trees or maybe it can't be done.



  slowhand_1000 19:17 07 May 03


  King Diamond 19:24 07 May 03

Is it a matter of re-assigning drive letters?

If so, I'd disconnect the hd/cdroms IDE cables and boot up, your pc. Switch it back off and connect the HD cables back in and do the same for the cdroms, that way you should have all the letters in a better order.

(Would resetting the CMOS need to be done here? If any knows please advise)

Not sure though if it's letters or icons or both.

Good luck.

  leo49 19:34 07 May 03

Run regedit and navigate to :

HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Driveicons

Find the key for the drive letter you want to change and insert the location of the icon you desire as the default value.

Usual traditional caveats about the registry and if you're not confident don't do it.


  slowhand_1000 00:22 08 May 03

Had a look in the registry and the drive letter in question has the address line for Iomega icons. Having looked at the other drive letters in use and they all have (value not set) under the data column. I gather replacing the address to the Iomega icons with the same text will give same results as other drives. As they do not have address line pointing to shell32.dll where the icons are. Or am I guessing wrong ?



  leo49 00:43 08 May 03

No your logic is impeccable - (value not set), like the others, will restore the bog-standard Windows-issue icon.But why not be a little adventurous and have an easily identifiable icon for each drive? - I've a guitar for my music parition, a camera for pics partition,drive icon with a big red T superimposed for my Temp partition,etc,etc.


  beeuuem 00:58 08 May 03

Would part 2 of this help? click here

  leo49 01:11 08 May 03

That's the other way of doing it via editing the .inf - same horse,different jockey.


  Chris the Ancient 09:01 08 May 03

Not got the instructions any more.

But... go tot iomega.com and follow the threads for technical queries and they'll e-mail you an answer in a couple of days.

It worked for me.

  graham√ 09:32 08 May 03

Right click on the icon and choose 'rename'. Or is that too simple?

  graham√ 10:33 08 May 03

It is too simple. Doesn't change the drive letter, you fool.

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