Disc drive?

  granma.m 14:16 PM 26 Sep 12

I think I need a new disc drive. None of the discs I insert will play, Someone suggested an external drive, but I have no idea what to order etc. Can someone please help.? Moira

  onthelimit1 14:49 PM 26 Sep 12

Take your pick from the USB DVD drives from Amazon. I've used a cheap one for years with no problem.

  granma.m 15:41 PM 26 Sep 12

Thanks for that will do.

  Woolwell 15:58 PM 26 Sep 12

Have you tried cleaning the drive?

  granma.m 17:20 PM 26 Sep 12

Thank you both for your help Moira

  granma.m 17:20 PM 26 Sep 12

Thank you both for your help Moira

  lotvic 23:36 PM 26 Sep 12

It's just as easy (and tidier) to replace the internal DVD drive.

Google for 'how to replace a dvd drive in a desktop' for a video walk through.

Also have you checked that the dvd drive is actually broken (can't read contents of CD/DVD's? Look in Windows Explorer and click on the drive to see if the contents are shown or if it says 'drive empty' 'please insert cd/dvd' or similar message.

It might even be just a loose connection at back of drive, make sure they are firmly plugged in. (pc switched off and unplug from wall socket when you do that)


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