Disc change error in NERO

  Graham-271166 16:07 14 Aug 06

Hi all.
Can anyone help me with an annoying problem that has only just started since i removed Norton Systemworks 2005 (i think)
Since i removed it i can now no longer burn to my Lite-on cd writer, when i use Nero I get the error message 'DISC CHANGE' and the dreaded white cross in the red circle. I have today just bought another Lite-on cd burner thinking this would cure it and this one does exactly the same. I have disabled it in device manager, rebooted, re-installed Nero and allsorts but it still does the same - I hate Norton...
My dvd writers are still working fine, it's just the blasted CD writer.
Suppose I can live without it and use my 2 dvd writers but I'm now on a mission to get the cd writer working as it was prior to removing Norton.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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