Scoopy 08:13 24 Mar 07

Can anyone please tell me what "disarmed" means in the subject line of an e-mail in my in box? I guessed that it might be some check that someone makes before you receive it but, sometimes, I have received two identical e-mails, one with "disarmed" the other without.

  Forum Editor 08:27 24 Mar 07

means that your mail-provider's mail server security software has stripped out code that is known to be used by online fraudsters, or for other malicious purposes. In short, your ISP has acted to protect you from possible harm.

  Scoopy 08:33 24 Mar 07

Thanks for that very prompt response. I guessed it was something like that but why do I sometimes receive an identical e-mail without "diarmed"? Do some slip through the net?

  Forum Editor 10:23 24 Mar 07

It's possible, but unlikely that out of two identical emails one will be disarmed and one will not. If one arrives without the 'disarmed' notice the chances are that it was clean.

In any case, why would you receive two, totally identical emails from the same source? It hardly seems likely.

  terryfow 14:15 25 Mar 07

FE it does happen, when mailing companies (like the computer companies) get their newsletter computer screwed up and you get 2 copies, I have also received 2 emails, the first one had all the data plus test as if somebody had pressed the wrong button when testing and it got sent out about a minute or 2 difference in times.

  Forum Editor 14:21 25 Mar 07

Yes, you're right - sometimes duplicated newsletters go out, but you would hope they don't contain malicious code.

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