Disappearing posts, and emails.

  allright 08:37 03 Mar 10


Just lately when I have been composing a post or an e-mail, and have then hit send or submit it comes back blank and has not been sent or posted.

Can anyone throw any light on this?

  AlanHo 08:45 03 Mar 10

What Email program are you using - is it computer based or are you using a web based provider like Hotmail or Gmail.

When you say composing a post - what exactly are you referring to.

  allright 08:54 03 Mar 10

I use Gmail, What I mean by post, is on a forum like this, after I finish this reply I will copy and paste because one in every five doesn't post and comes back blank,and I have to start over, if it helps I have a Dell Inspiron 9400

  Terry Brown 09:30 03 Mar 10

I am not to sure about Gmail 'post' sizes, however if you are doing large emails, they may be too big for gmail to handle, or possibly your firewall see's them as outgoing viruses (Do you have attachments ?)and blocks them.

  allright 09:34 03 Mar 10

No they can just be one liners with no attachments.

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