Disappearing Network

  MichaelF 17:37 20 Dec 08

I have been happily running a small wireless home network for some time.
It consists of my PC, running windows xp, service pack 3, a Netgear router,a media streamer and a printer. Everything has been working perfectly until a couple of days ago.
Firstly my wireless internet connection would not connect,then my printer wouldn't print and my music streamer will not connect.
When I go to Norton to check the setting on my network it comes up with the message " cannot probe your network, this may be caused by tunneling protocols or your computer is not on line".
On my router all the lights are lite up showing green, on my PC in the task bar is an icon stating"network bridge 400 mdps,status connected" and another icon stating"wireless network connection 54 mbps, signal strength excellent, status connected" These icons are identical to what they were when everything worked.
I have tried rebooting, checking the connection are tight. I have tried to restore my computer to a point a few days ago but it will not let me.
All virus checkers etc come up blank.
Any ideas?

  brundle 17:44 20 Dec 08

Change wireless channel. Any new networks installed locally in the lst few days? Perhaps a neighbour's new wireless network is interfering.

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