Disappearing mouse in Command and Conquer

  colorado kid 20:52 03 Apr 03

Not being a gamer, I've never come across this problem before. I helped my brother in law install a graphics card so he could play Command and Conquer -Generals, but when it runs the mouse pointer disappears. The screen options still change colour if you happen to pass over them but its too hard to do anything when you don't know where your mouse is. THe PC just meets the minimum spec for the game and the 32mb grahpics card is using the latest drivers. Any body any ideas how I can sort this?

  AshW 20:58 03 Apr 03

Hmm, it could be the card - you say it just meets the reqirements; what exactly is the card?

  AshW 20:58 03 Apr 03

Requirements, sorry.

  colorado kid 21:17 03 Apr 03

From memory,its a Voodo 32mb card with a GeForce 2 chip - the system runs off a Duron 800mz cpu with 128mb of ram. These are listed on the box as the minimum specs needed. Is the mouse thing something that is likely to happen if the system is too close to the requiremnets?

  colorado kid 21:57 03 Apr 03

they have a link to the CnC tech website - I'm gonna check there - but plese post if you have any info.
Thanks AshW for posting - don't worry about the misspelling - I did just the same above!

  AshW 22:06 03 Apr 03

click here;f=8;t=000019 - both the Voodoo 4 & 5 are not supported, though does that apply as you have a GeForce 2 chip? Not sure myself...

I've searched the Technical Issues board (to see that, click here;f=6 ) and a few people have the problem, yet there hasn't been a simple solution...you have the latest drivers, as you said.

It could we be the low end graphics card (for Generals) but as a last attempt, try ALT TABBING out of Generals then going back in. A memory of someone saying that just came back...doesn't hurt to try.

  AshW 22:07 03 Apr 03

This forum doesn't like UBB URL's, I see. Add the stray text to the links to make them work (e.g., f=6).

  AudioVic' 01:33 04 Apr 03

disappear if you were a mouse and see all that armour coming after you? lol

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