Disappearing Icons! Just Can't understand this...

  AngeTheHippy 18:43 15 Feb 08

Hello Chaps,
Now this has been happening for about 2 months and is sending me nuts. I've just installed another 512 stick of RAM - it originally had only 512 and I thought that probably was the reason, lack of memory. Anyway, whenever for example, I open a program, close a program, ANY program, all the desktop icons disappear then reappear within about 5 seconds max. Anyone else had this? Got an idea what it is and how to stop it?


  recap 18:51 15 Feb 08

It sounds like the screen is just refreshing?

  VoG II 18:53 15 Feb 08

Try IconCache - 7th one down click here

  woodchip 18:56 15 Feb 08

I would say Graphics card, check the settings for it. If it's onboard go into BIOS and allow more memory to the card save and exit

  AngeTheHippy 19:02 15 Feb 08

wouldn't have thought so, recap. Just looked at link VoG™, looks a bit involved for me but will look in depth when at PC. woodchip, this sounds feasible (even to me!!)so will look into this, again when I'm at the PC. Sitting in front of a roaring fire (well Woodburner actually...) with the telly on and laptop on me lap. How good is that? Sad sod eh....



  VoG II 19:05 15 Feb 08

"looks a bit involved for me"

Huh? Just click on it, select Run. It may or may not solve your problem but it is safe and cannot do any harm.

Or if you prefer I can give you the equivalent instructions for editing the registry yourself :o)

  AngeTheHippy 19:47 15 Feb 08

the same thing as you. When I click yr link, I get a page of code...

  VoG II 20:02 15 Feb 08

Which browser are you using?

It displays correctly for me in IE7 and Firefox.

  rossgolf 20:36 15 Feb 08

have you tried sfc /scannow to see if your explorer.exe is corrupt?

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