Disappearing Icon

  ened 17:33 06 May 04

How can I make the Internet Connection Icon stay on 'Always Show'?
I go to Customize on the (Right click task bar+properties)and set it up to Always Show.
Apply + OK.
Next reboot it says Hide when inactive again. Then after I have been connected for a period of time it decides it is inactive and hides it self.
I have been to Modem properties and don't know where else to look.

  ened 17:08 07 May 04


  rawprawn 18:37 07 May 04

If you mean the little TV sets in the system tray, go to Control Panel/Network connections/Properties/ in the bottom left corner tick Show icon in notification area when connected.

  ened 06:21 08 May 04

I do indeed mean them and have done this.
When you right click on the task bar/properties/customise there are three options for the Icons. No matter how many times I click on Always Show they always revert to Hide wwhen inactive upon reboot.

  rawprawn 08:24 08 May 04

I see exactly what you mean now, I think if you leave them all set to hide when inactive you will solve your problem. I think you are giving the computer a problem, it can't show the icon unless connected and only shows when you are, and you are asking it to show when you are not connected, although in Network connections you will have atick in the box show icon when connected. Anywat give it a try.

  rawprawn 08:49 08 May 04

The phrase I was looking for was, I think you are creating a conflict within the computer.Good Luck

  ened 07:32 17 Dec 04

Sometimes it appears in the 'properties' as 'untitled' and sometimes as 'Speedtouch Connection'. Whatever I have tried rawprawn's advice but the icon seems to assume it is no longer being used almost everytime I boot up. It appears for about 30 minutes then hides itself.
Does anybody else have a suggestion to make?

  feb 08:19 17 Dec 04

Hi ened, I don't know if this will work click here line 53 second column, but first read this it might help click here and scroll down to "Notification Area - Icons Disappearing"

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