Disabling onboard video on an Acer N1996 mobo

  mart1nh 08:30 27 Apr 09

My son has a an Acer T671 which uses an Acer N1996 motherboard. I am keen t9o upgarde his compter gaming experience so I purchased an XFX video card which is PCIe. I have tried to disable the onboard video by select The Init Display as PCIe but this doesn't disable the video. Does anyone know if there is a jumper to short or if there is another part of the BIOS which would disbale this.

  eedcam 10:45 27 Apr 09

Hi if you dont get an answer here you might with this lot BUT they charge so hopr you get sorted here
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  mart1nh 11:11 27 Apr 09

Thanks eedcam. I will try it out

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