Disabling Network password

  Fingaller 15:49 21 Apr 03

How can I get rid of network password?I have no desire to use network either now or in the future,so could some kind person please enlighten me as to how to stop my PC asking for a network password.I'm using ME.

  spikeychris 16:01 21 Apr 03

click here


  slaveofconvention 16:02 21 Apr 03

In control panel go to networking. Then have a dig around for primary network logon. It will probably be set for Workgroup or something similar. You should have an option for Windows Family logon - change to this - altho if you previously had a windows password set up, it'll just revert to that. You may also lose passwords for websites and dialup which are associated with the network logon, but I'm not sure - this is all from distant memory, and I always hated ME.... 100% XP convert here ....

  Fingaller 17:23 21 Apr 03

Many thanks,I look forward to starting up without that flipping password demand.My brother is a user of many years and he recently converted to XP,it's a laugh watching a man previously fluent with his system now reduced to a writhing mass of humanity.

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