disabling LAN connection ;enable on demand ,how?

  p;3 09:21 03 Mar 07

I am deliberately in this section for this as I have not a clue so.....

computer (not mine) is on a LAN NTL cable BB connection;it is 'instantly ON' when booted up and needs, if possible to be programed to ?give a dial up box? or connection box so that it can be safely opened and run OFF line and put ON line when the user wishes;

wirh my BT BB I can do this; but how, with a LAN can (can it?) this be achieved?



  birdface 09:45 03 Mar 07

If you click file then click Work offline,That is if you are using IE.That is the only way that I know ,

  p;3 10:06 03 Mar 07

thanks ; I have passed that on;see if it has the desired effect

  dms05 20:16 05 Mar 07

You may be able to disable the LAN card. Go to 'Connections' and find the LAN. Right click on it and chose Disable. If you have a small icon in the Taskbar showing the LAN connection then right click on this and chose disable (or if not an option chose Status and disable there). Enable is the same as disable but chose enable.

  Watchful 19:23 06 Mar 07

If they use Outlook Express, the connections are shared with IE so you can go to: Tools/Options/Connections/LAN settings you can disable it from there.

  p;3 19:34 06 Mar 07

I had a brief streak of inspirtion on this one and opened up OE on two profiles and disabled 'send/receive at start up 'option
it is a comp I am TRYING to keep OFF the net pro temp; I have yet to find out if my trick has had any effect

  Zaphod 3 20:03 06 Mar 07

Why not just unplug the modem from the power supply. Works for me!!

  p;3 20:15 06 Mar 07

if memory serves the modem is required by the tv too; as it is not my comp nor with me I will have a gander next time I venture near it

I am TRYING to disable ALL internet ability while it remains infected to stop further infection ; not sure how to though

  De Marcus™ 20:50 06 Mar 07

If this connection is over a lan then dms05's suggestion of disabling the lan is the best way. This will completely cut the computer off from any internet / network activity.

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