Disable video driver... please advise.

  mooly 19:00 25 Mar 09

Sorry if this sounds a daft question, I have a good reason for asking.... all to do with Vista and IE8.
If I select "display adapters" in device manager and select AND DISABLE the NVidia device/driver what will happen ?
Will it revert to a generic driver ?
I don't want to suddenly disable the display and end up with a blank screen and no way back.

  DieSse 22:19 25 Mar 09

If you did end up with a blank screen, you need only reboot to get a driver back.

If you really want to run without a video drive, restart in the safe mode that says VGA driver only.

  rickf 22:23 25 Mar 09

why would you want to do this???

  mooly 07:10 26 Mar 09

Thanks, this is the reason why,
click here

Cannot get IE8 to install correctly... or should I say it leaves a trail of destruction behind.
Disabling the video driver is Microsofts suggestion along with quite a large "plan of action" to help get it installed.
In all fairness to them the support has been excellent.
I ave full Acronis backups... as long as I can see the screen to get them.

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