Disable external light?

  Graham. 23:38 09 Dec 10

A house nearby has an external security flood light. It is at present rented out, but the tenant is away, and the owner lives far away.

The problem is that the light is on most of the time - it goes off, but comes back on after a few seconds. It is the type with a sensor underneath.

It is a nuisance as the bright light shines into neighbours bedrooms.

I have the owners permission to disable/disconnect it. Would taping over the sensor put it out of action? It is high up needing a ladder, so it would be useful to know what the options are.

  Belatucadrus 23:57 09 Dec 10

Some of them have controls on them to set the sensitivity, though if you can't see them tape could work, as would removing the light bulb/tube.

  Graham. 00:03 10 Dec 10

Thanks, it probably has controls, but the aim is to go up the ladder and kill it. I'm suprised the 500W lamp is lasting this long.

  BRYNIT 00:08 10 Dec 10

The sensor usually detects movement so putting tape over the sensor should stop it working or fasten a dark plastic bag over the sensor.

  peugeot man 06:48 10 Dec 10

most of theses lights are on a adjustable bracket, a simple option may be to point it towards the ground .

  BT 08:47 10 Dec 10

Its actually illegal if a light such as this causes disturbance to neighbours. The light should be angled so as not to shine in poeple's windows,

click here

Failing all else a good whack to shatter it should disable it quite effectively. Someone did this to my Carriage light next to my front door last winter. Its only got a 40w bulb and doesn't shine in anyone's windows so I don't know why.

  Graham. 09:18 10 Dec 10

The light seems to be angled as far down as it will go click here

Thanks for the link, BT.

  peugeot man 10:05 10 Dec 10

Remove screws from mounting bracket and let it hang face to wall until homeowner can have it replaced/switched off ?

I would not advise trying to remove the bulb as you will be on a ladder messing with live mains!

  Graham. 10:11 10 Dec 10

I will not be up the ladder, I will dupe someone else to do that.

  Woolwell 11:52 10 Dec 10

Is the house rented through an agency? If so then get the agency to sort it out.

  Graham. 14:55 10 Dec 10

No, it's private.

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