Disable Dell Inspiron 15 touchpad

  johnincrete 04:45 29 Jun 13

I prefer to use a mouse. When I am typing, it is difficult to avoid the touchpad. I asked on a local (Crete) forum for advice but, in every case, it seemed as though I had a different version of Windows 7 Control Panel because, no matter what route I took, there was no mention of the touchpad. I also googled the question and got many replies but, again, they seemed to be looking at something different from what I get. One suggested running a .exe file but it does not appear anywhere on the computer. The only possible solution was to stick a piece of cardboard over the touchpad!!

Has anyone any ideas?

  onthelimit1 07:32 29 Jun 13

Have you tried Touchfreeze? Link here

  onthelimit1 07:38 29 Jun 13

More info from a similar thread here

  Chronos the 2nd 08:44 29 Jun 13

Try this.

1.Right click the touchpad icon in the system tray (it looks like a monitor with a flash green dot).

2.Pointing device properties -> Devices tab.

3.Touchpad - click Disable.

4.Touchpad buttons - click Disable.

5.Click Disable Touchpad/Stick when a USB pointing device is present.

6.Click Apply.

7.Click OK.

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