DirectX 9 problems

  ||||wx622|||| 19:25 16 May 03

I've been having a couple of problems with DirectX 9a. Since installing it, I cannot run some games that have always worked on my pc since I installed DX9. These are FIFA 2003 and Grand Prix 4. Both these want DX 8.1, but I know DX9 cannot be uninstalled, and running a DX8 setup program doesn't do anything because it logically doesn't update the 'newer' files. I run Win. Me, have a GeForce 4 graphics card with latest drivers. Any ideas...

  Dark Knight 19:40 16 May 03

I don't know the answer to your question but would be interested to know if anyone else is having problems before upgrading myself.... I have both games you mention.

  Lú-tzé 19:41 16 May 03

Any chance that you have a restore point from before you installed DX9? If not, there is a prog out there on the net somewhere which allows the removal of DX9 but I am not sure if it works with WinME.

I will have a search and if I find it, I will post a link.

  Lú-tzé 19:49 16 May 03

Sorry, the DX9 uninstaller seems to be only for XP. I cannot find another reference for WinME.

  citadel 21:11 16 May 03

I am using dx9a, win me, and a ti4200. I have had no problems with playing any games. Even dx7 games play ok.

  Philip2 21:33 16 May 03

It looks like you will have to format and reinstall your OS i know thats a pain but i no of no other way,as a matter of interest did you disable your antivirus?? before installing Direct X9.

  Taw 21:37 16 May 03

I installed dx9 and ended up with serious graphics issues Im on xp with a gforce 2mx On using my restore point I couldnt get it to run at all in the end I done clean install and just use 8.1 machine has been super since

  wx622 20:05 23 May 03

My restore data has become corrupted. I need another way to sort the problem out. I am considering upgrading to XP Professional. Is this a good idea???

  hugh-265156 20:27 23 May 03

if you look in dxdiag you will see a lot of beta files in 9.0a.

try the final redist here

  kane_2002k 20:33 23 May 03

Especially if your running an older graphics card, wait till games appear that actually make use of it, and even then i would only upgrade if my graphics card was directx 9 capable. Alot of problems with direct x 9 if you go to other forums, esp. graphics card ones.

  hugh-265156 20:38 23 May 03

its backwards compatable.if everything is ok with 8.1 then leave it as above you wont see any improvement even if you card supports it,for a while yet anyway.but if you are having problems with 9.0a then give this a try.i had numerous crashes with it and none with the final version better than a reformat and less risky than 3rd party uninstaller.

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