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  vassos 24 Jan 12

A regular forum which use, sometimes several times every day, is now failing to open - blank page. The only thing I can unearth is a notice telling me that I have had too many "direst hits".. In my ignorance I know nothing about this. What can I do? Is it a problem with my PC (I use Google Chrome) or is it the site itself which is likely to be the issue?

  KRONOS the First 24 Jan 12

Have you tried anothersearchengine, IE or Firefox to see if you still have the problem?

  KRONOS the First 24 Jan 12

Oh for an edit button. Another search engine instead of what I have put.

  Ibanez2010 24 Jan 12

Could be the site itself. Or try clearing cookies related to the site.

  vassos 24 Jan 12

I had IE & Firefox completely removed from my PC not long ago and really don't wish to put them back. It seemed to me from the message t]I received about too many hits that they were suggesting cookie clearing. Fine if only I knew how to do it!

  KRONOS the First 24 Jan 12
  spuds 24 Jan 12

I was going to suggest that some websites only allow so many hits, before you might need to register to them. But as you say, you use the website on a regular basis, with no past problems!.

To clear out cookies and other maintenance aids, download and use the free version of CCleaner

  vassos 25 Jan 12

Thanks all for your help and to Spuds for the cookies cleaning info. The problem is not mine. The site has gone down for some reason. Time will tell why.


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