digitise vhs

  bbb1 15:22 26 Jan 10

any one know how i can digitise my old vhs tapes .

  john bunyan 15:49 26 Jan 10

The easiest way is to use a DVD recorder with hard drive and DVD burning facility, and a VHS machine with SCART out. With a PC there are lots of ways which others will no doubt mention.You can buy VHS/ DVD machines and if you have a lot to do it may be worth buying one.

  Woolwell 16:44 26 Jan 10

Tried it and the best way is as john bunyan has described.

  john bunyan 16:51 26 Jan 10

Also see here:
click here and search the helproom forum for other threads.

  interzone55 16:54 26 Jan 10

Got to agree.

I did win a VHS digitiser jobbie from this site about 12 months ago (click here), it was fine for programs up to 20 minutes long, but any longer than that and the sound got badly out of sync.

Also it was a very time consuming process, first playing the tape real time into the PC, then the PC churning away to generate the DVD file, then burning the DVD.

If you just use a DVD recorder it's all done real-time. Just remember to finalise the DVD before ejecting, some recorders are not clever enough to this automatically...

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