Digital video onto DVD or CD?

  nick_j007 23:08 15 Sep 05

Hello all,

I'm looking to make a short (approx.5/10 minutes long) promotional video using my digital camcorder, blended with a mix of photographs (not many pictures).
I could then send this out to those companies that are seen as 'warm' prospects for them to gain a more clear idea of what it is we do etc.

I have most of the hardware, but I am in a quandary as to whether I would be best supplying the video on a CD (Video CD right?) or DVD (I have a Nero suite 'NeroVision Express'...will that do me?)

I would like it to look nice in terms of quality, and portray a sense of professionalism. The content is of course up to me, but I am looking for some guidance on which format to run with etc.

Many thanks in advance,


  Bagsey 08:40 16 Sep 05

I would suggest that DVD is possibly the safer option if you want a large cross section of user to be able to run it. I have recently come accross this same problem with Disc for our club. If I make to DVD most people can play them use quite cheap players. If I try VCDs then I found that my DVD player would not run them but my friends could, If I used SVCD then I could play them but my friend could not???? So DVD I think will give you the biggest coverage.

  nick_j007 10:03 16 Sep 05

Fair comment. Many thanks.
I thought it might be the other way round to what you suggest actually...but that's why I was asking.

Bagsey, raw digital tape takes up a massive amount of space on a HD as you surely know. I am reluctant to 'downgrade' the quality much if at all. How do you transfer the data to DVD?

To the best of my knowledge, a commercial DVD uses a double layered 4.7 gig DVD. So about 9.4 Gigs in total. I can only burn single layers.

Just appreciate any thoughts and direction you may have at this time.



  stlucia 10:59 16 Sep 05

I'm not familiar with NeroVision Express, but after you've pulled all your shots together, and added transitions, talk-over, and music, your video editor software should then "render" the finished product for you. It's at that stage that you choose what format you want it in and, if it's going onto DVD or SVCD, that format would normally be MPEG2. That's the way it works for me with Pinnacle software; I doubt that NeroVision is fundamentally different, but someone will tell us if that's the case.

The MPEG2 files are much compressed compared with the raw video data, but they are standard DVD quality.

  PA28 14:20 16 Sep 05

single layer DVD for compatability is fine - will also hold a 10 minute video without a problem. I have Nero but use Pinnacle 9+ (the + is important) for video editing - I've seen it on special recently for about £45. Well worth it.

10 minutes doesn't sound like a long video does it? I promise you that to get it right it will seem like an eternity and will take you hours of work. Don't be tempted to cut corners!!!

  nick_j007 14:49 16 Sep 05

PA28. Thanks for looking in.

So basically, with a digi camcorder, Pinnacle 9+ and a DVD burner, I can have me a nice looking presentation on DVD that will do me proud in terms of quality?


  De Marcus™ 15:15 16 Sep 05


mastering pinnacle 9 to produce a polished product is another matter altogether, dry runs should give you some practice. Jot down on paper a 'storyboard' of scenes and effects you want to have in the video, don't make the common mistake of not planning the sequences properly. Also find an audience to play it too before it goes into 'full-scale' production.

  nick_j007 16:13 16 Sep 05

Is Pinnacle 9 downloadable as a trial?

Is that the latest and most appropriate for my needs. i.e. Mini DV to DVD?



  PA28 17:33 16 Sep 05

As said, plan it and use Pinnacle 9+. I presume that you have a firewire card or similar to import from a digicam - if so, you're there. Pinnacle also has a neat system to generate copyright free music to the same length as your image sequences. Enjoy!

  nick_j007 19:56 16 Sep 05

I will be using a Dell laptop with 512 MB RAM.
x2 hard drives at about 100gigs between them; 40gigs free.
Firewire built in, so I should be good for it.

Can I try it as a download first?

Could not see any opportunities to do so at



  PA28 21:33 16 Sep 05

If there's no free trial through the Pinnacle website, then I guess not. Looks like you'll have to bite the bullet if you want to use Pinnacle. Remember the +.

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