digital tv to dvd

  Daiol 14:16 20 Jan 07

Hi,i have digital tv on my computer via a digital tv usb stick,works fine all digital programs etc.i can record a film on to my hdd,but i cant seem to get to copy the film from the hdd to a dvd disc i can play the film with wmp 10 and also power dvd i have nero installed but nero wont have nothing to do with the file concerned,Is there any other way [software] that i can get this film from my hdd to a dvd disc.thanks in im using windows xp pro.daiol.

  Terry Brown 15:09 20 Jan 07

Do you have the mpeg 2 codecs from Nero, without them you canot burn a DVD video disk.

With Nero you need the full version(not the limited one that come with the DVD drive (or the computer)). I believe version 6 is the lowest version for DVD.

You can purchase the upgraded license from NERO

These are an ad on (which of course costs extra)

  ArrGee 15:21 20 Jan 07

I tend to use this to good effect for both recording and burning
click here

  Daiol 15:41 20 Jan 07

Thanks for the info,no i dont have full nero i just have the bare nero,& ArrGee that info you gave looks good what was the damage for that piece of software?.Thankyou both anyway.By the way the nero that i have came with ADS tech record to cd software.

  ArrGee 15:44 20 Jan 07

I think it was around 80 euros. But well worth it. Does the biz and simple to use.

  anchor 15:55 20 Jan 07

I see that Arcosoft TotalMedia costs $79.99.

The exchange rate today at M&S bureau de change to buy $$, was $1.91 to the £1. That should make it about £42.

However, there a trial version is available.

  Stuartli 16:39 20 Jan 07

Have you tried updating your current version of Nero to the latest version (, which is FOC from click here or click here?

You just might have to download an earlier version and then the latest as above; retain your present installation and install the downloaded version.

  Daiol 17:53 20 Jan 07

Stuartli,Thanks for info i did update my nero to the,is it possible that you could put me on the right track to get this job done with nero i know you might think that i'm a pain in the rear but thanks anyway.daiol

  Stuartli 19:12 20 Jan 07

Does your version include SmartStart - if so you have the straightforward choice of burning to CDs or DVDs.

In addition Ahead provides very extensive Help files on its website relating to various aspects of burning disks. See:

click here

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