Digital TV cards - any good?

  Ellie3009 13:30 08 Feb 03

I am debating buying a digital TV card for my PC.
Running windows 98, althought I am not currently worrying about compatibility issues!

What I really want to know is simple. How good is the reception for one of these running it off a standard household TV antennae?

And would it be possible to receive the digital channels using a small set-top arial thing, since I would otherwise need to have an extremely long arial cable running up the stairs ?

Would be extremely grateful for input from anyone with any experience of these.
Thanks in advance!

  Ellie3009 14:28 08 Feb 03

Okay, so I can't spell aerial. But advice would still be welcome :o)

  graham 15:05 08 Feb 03

I had a pinnacle rave and the sound and picture were good. Whether you would get away with a set-top aerial thing would depend on the signal strength in your area. If you live half a mile from Emley Moor you could use a small screwdriver! If you do instal one watch out for problems, first sign of a blue screen or freezing, whip it out!

  Pauper 15:21 08 Feb 03

Its a Hauppauge win tv pci card for me which gives excellent reception for both tv and radio from a domestic aerial. If you need to transmit a signal further than you wish to cable take a look at wireless sender/reciever units. Argos stock at least two types of which I use the Digisender one, this allows for excellent reception of Sky both on the pc and in the bedroom with no additional cabling, although you may need to purchase an extra bit of kit to convert the scart output into a coax, (but this may be built in by now).

  Ellie3009 16:18 08 Feb 03

Nice idea with the Sender/reciver thing, but that would make it kina pricey for me since I would then have to buy a freeview box, a tv card AND a wireless sender/reciever thingy!!!

I live about 5 miles NE of Birmingham city centre, so theoretically the signal shouldn't be too bad, but I doubt the ability of a £20 set top aerial to pick up the digital signal...

Anyone else with some words of wisdom?

  Cordy13 16:38 08 Feb 03

You need to find out where the transmitter which serves Birmingham is located in relation to your location. If you are closer than about 15 miles you might get okay reception on Digital with an indoor aerial.

  Ellie3009 17:02 08 Feb 03

How do I do that? is there a nice net site which lists them?

  Cordy13 17:04 08 Feb 03

I'm sure that there is a site or a map, don't know where though!

  graham 17:06 08 Feb 03

Ellie, I think you're looking at terrestrial reception, ie analogue? This talk of Sky and Digital reception not what you had in mind? Although if you already have Sky from a dish you can connect the output of the Sky box to your TV card.

  leo49 17:06 08 Feb 03

click here

The above has plenty of links in the Link Library that might be useful.


  Cordy13 17:14 08 Feb 03

The first sentence of the first post "I am debating buying a digital TV card for my PC."
i.e. Digital Terrestrial?

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