digital rights problems

  o44wen 20:38 12 May 06


I am trying to transfer across some songs that I have bought from napster to my mp3 player and its not working for me. There is a message "format error" and won't play the song.

I was able to do this before but then suddenly the other day it stopped. I have tried re-formating and still wont work. I have tried transfering two different methods also, once via drag and drop folders, and the other through syncing with Windows Media Player

The mp3 player is just called "mps with flash", i bought it from one of the shopping channels. There is a model number in the manual says FD-704.

Hopefully someone can give me some good advice.

  splatter 21:49 12 May 06

Have you tried upgrading the firmware on your MP3 player?

I had to do this with my Creative Nuvo when I got it so that it would play DRM protected WMA files.

  o44wen 13:45 13 May 06

the thing is I cannot find anything anyway on the internet on this mp3 player. it was just a cheapy from a shopping channel. it doesnt even have a brand written on it! Just called "mp3 with flash"

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