Digital photos won't download

  Lillylou 09:50 01 Mar 04

I am doing a free geocities website which is great but it won't download photos that have been saved on my harddrive from a digital camera. I have checked they are all jpeg. Does anyone have any ideas normal photos gone through fine.

  Taran 10:43 01 Mar 04

I've not used Geocities.

When you say that "it won't download photos that have been saved on my harddrive" do you meant that you have jpg images on your hard drive that you want to upload to your web site ?

Likewise, when you say "normal photos gone through fine" what do you mean by normal photos ?

Are they a different file format or are they smaller in size than those that won't upload ?

  Lillylou 11:15 01 Mar 04

I have scanned photos from a normal camera into My Pictures and the photos from my digital camera are there as well, but when I transfer a copy onto the web site it accepts the normal ones but keeps rejecting the ones from the digital camera. They are all roughly the same size and are all jpg images.

  Taran 11:26 01 Mar 04

All I can see on the Goecities site is a limitation of 5mb in total for either a single or multiple combined file size upload. If the images you are trying to upload are below that combined size it has to be something else.

How are the images named ?

If they are along the lines of PICT0001.JPG, PICT0002.JPG and so on you could try renaming them to something more meaningful. Don't use spaces or capital letters. Try naming them along the lines of holiday_snap.jpg, sunset1.jpg, sandy_beach.jpg and see if they will upload then.

Onbviously you will have to alter the links to the renamed files on the web pages you are building.

As I said i don't use Geocities and never have so I'm flying blind here. My first thoughts though, are that your file sizes are exceeding the limitations imposed by Geocities for uploading or that the file format may not actually be right. Sorry I can't be of more help.

  Jester2K 13:54 01 Mar 04

"the ones from the digital camera" are you trying to upload DIRECTLY from the camera or are the pic in a folder on your hard drive?

Any error messages? Exact wording please.

  Lillylou 14:16 01 Mar 04

Thanks Taran. I changed the title of the photo that I wanted and it worked.

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