Digital Photos on disc storage

  the hick 12:05 08 Nov 09

Have been thinking about storing all our photos on disc, as additional back-up, I already have separate hard-drive with all files on. CDR's are 700Mb, and DVDR's are 4.7Gb. Is it possible to use DVDR discs to store photos, or any other type of file on, or are they only for DVD-material? I have never bought any to try this. Any advice much appreciated.

  HondaMan 12:11 08 Nov 09

I use mainly DVDs for storage, unless the files are small, then I use CDs. I do not use re-writables however as they are too easily accidentally over-written. The cost of blanks is so low it's not worth worrying. I tend to buy in bulk, 600-1000 discs at a time. Even DVDs only work out at <50p unless you go for double layer or blu-ray, but again that depends on saizes involved.

  anchor 12:11 08 Nov 09

I use both DVD-Rs and CD-Rs to archive my photos. No problems.

Obviously the DVD-Rs have a much greater capacity if you have lots of pictures.

  the hick 13:34 08 Nov 09

HondaMan and anchor, thanks for replies, I shall now check on prices of the well-known brands.

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